Our People

Our People

Our People

Kids Academy Preschool provides a fun, safe and nurturing environment for your child to learn and grow. Our passionate and qualified educators focus purely on early childhood development and education. We understand that this is an incredibly important time in your child’s life and encourage children to bloom in each stage of growth, from toddlerhood to school preparation.

Ultimately, our centre aims to create happy learners who are confident to take the next step in their educational journey!

Meet our Centre Manager

Name: Hayley Chester

Years in Child Care: 13 years

Qualifications: I have my Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Care, and I am working towards my Bachelor of Education. 

What makes you passionate about Early Childhood Education? I have learnt so much in my journey so far, and I love expanding my knowledge and working with other educators to create the best opportunities for children to grow and develop into happy inquisitive and thriving young people! I love being a part of that journey, and I LOVE learning, and this is the biggest gift I can share with children and hope that they learn to LOVE learning too!  

What makes your centre different from others? We are so lucky to be part of a centre with a manager and a team that continuously go above and beyond! Through building meaningful and lasting relationships with families, supporting each other to achieve our goals and engaging in professional development to be the best we can be!  Kids Academy Preschool is a family and is my home away from home. 

How would you apply the national Quality Standards and EYLF for Educational Programming? At Kids Academy Preschool, the NQS and the EYLF are the foundation of our programming and provide the basis of what and how we implement experiences, to ensure a holistic and consistent approach to learning. This is incorporated through using elements from the EYLF such as learning outcomes, principles and practices to assess and document children’s development, as well as utilising elements from the NQS to inform best practice. Our educational program also incorporates other elements such as the 8 Aboriginal ways of learning and lifelong learning. Additionally, educators analyse experiences and learning outcomes in relation to relevant theorists and current research.