Lifelong Learning Approach

Our Lifelong Learning Approach

Inspiring Lifelong Learning in every child

Your child's lifelong learning journey starts here!

Research shows your child’s first five years are the most influential for their learning and development. This is when their brain develops faster than ever and when the foundations for ongoing learning are laid. Our Lifelong Learning educators are committed to nurturing the minds of young children during their fundamental early years by enhancing and instilling a love of learning that leads to growth, ability and resilience.

Our educators and early childhood teachers nurture a lifelong love of learning through play-based experiences which help your child develop:

  • Social Connectivity
  • Emotional Confidence
  • Foundational Learning
  • Physical Health and Well being

Children in our care are transitioned through our three Lifelong Learning stages: Healthy Beginnings, Early Experiences and School Readiness.


Our Lifelong Learning Programs are shaped around Belonging, Being and Becoming, The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF), Australia’s nationally-approved learning framework. Visit the Lifelong Learning for Early Childhood website for more information about each program.